Friday, February 4, 2011

Let Your Fashion Make An Environmental Statement

"Style is knowing who you are and what you want to say and not giving a damn". - Gore Vidal.

For many centuries fashion has been used to make statements. Colours are associated with alliances, badges promotes someone's rank or achievements and uniforms identify roles. And who can forget different fashion statements made by the stars? Just think Bjork's swan dress, Madonna's cone bra or Lady Gaga's meat gown.

Now it's time for the fashionable people of Canada to make a statement, about our love for the environment. 17th February is National Sweater Day. It's the day when the WWF ask us to find a quirky and fun sweater to wear for the day. Adorned in your fine sweater you won't need the thermostat up so high, so WWF invites you to turn it down just 3 degrees and show your support for the environment.

National Sweater Day is another great idea by the WWF to open dialogues between people about lightening our impact on the environment and reducing our energy consumption...and if your sweater isn't getting people talking then you are just playing too safe.

To support National Sweater Day make sure you have your sweater and tell people why you are wearing it. Don't forget to change your Facebook profile picture to a photo of you in your sweater so all to tell all your friends know what you care about and why not encourage others to join you in the fashion revolution by having a Sweater Party at home or a Sweater Day at work?

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