Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing looks at utilising natural resources and energy to minimalise or eliminate the reliance on electricity, water, gas, etc from Utilities Companies.

Sustainable housing will:

  • harvest rainwater

  • treat sewerage

  • generate its own power

  • use resources and materials that are renewable and/or recyclable
The easiest way to become more sustainable is by installing a Solar Charge Grid Connect Solar Power System which will allow you to:

  • create electricity from the sun

  • reduce your power bill, or export power back into the grid where you receive credits from the power companies

  • add value to your home

  • create green, clean electricity minimising your carbon emissions

  • educate others by leading by example

For more information on solar power you can visit

Click here to hear the full interview with Richard Potter who built a Sustainable House in Sandringham, Victoria, Aus. (pictured)

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