Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kevin Rudd announces Australia's Carbon Emissions Reduction Target

Kevin Rudd's announcement of just 5% Carbon Emissions Reduction Target seems to have shocked everyone as too low considering the scientific community is looking for a 40% reduction.

Green's leader Bob Brown described the 5 per cent target as "a global embarrassment". The Greens are calling for a 40 per cent reduction by 2020 to save the planet from a climate catastrophe, what we are being offered is in effect surrender to climate change and in breach of Rudd’s election promises.

Rudd argues it is more ambitious than European goals and will allow Australia to pursue deeper cuts if a global climate change agreement is struck.

The Australian Industry Group warned meeting the 2020 targets would "not be easy", while the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said business and the community would be hit with high costs of industry restructuring.

Click here to listen to what John Hepburn from Greenpeace's Climate & Energy Campaign feels about the target.

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