Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sick ‘Murray the Cod’ seeks emergency life support from Labor’s Bronwyn Pike

Wilderness Society conservationists rushed a sick ‘Murray the Cod’ to the office of several inner city Labor M.P’s including Melbourne’s Bronwyn Pike, Northcote’s Fiona Richardson and Albert Parks’ Martin Foly.

Dressed as Doctors and Nurses and travelling by Ambulance, they sought emergency life support for ‘Murray’ - in the form of new Red Gum National Parks.

Watch the short, one and half minute video they made - it's very funny, and has a catchy soundtrack.

With the health of the Murray in crisis and up to 75% of Red Gums stressed, dead or dying, urgent action is clearly needed to ensure the on-going survival of the river, it’s iconic wildlife and it’s wetlands.Precious Red Gum forests and wetlands are currently being degraded by unsustainable logging, cattle grazing and lack of flooding. If this is allowed to continue, the health of the already stressed Murray will deteriorate rapidly, especially in the face of climate change.The Brumby government must fulfill it’s 2006 election promise to create new Red Gum National Parks if recommended by VEAC, the Victorian Environment Assessment Council. With VEAC wisely recommending over 100,000 hectares of new National Parks along the Murray and it’s tributaries, improved environmental water flows and Indigenous Co-management, It is clearly now time for Labor to act

Click here to listen to the live cross to Adam Barralet's All Natural.

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