Friday, December 5, 2008

Tuna is becoming endangered

Tuna is one of the world’s most popular fish found in many a restaurant, sushi roll and even cat bowl but there is a growing threat of extinction to Tuna.
Most people probably don't realise that Tuna is on the verge of extinction in many parts of the world. Huge growth in demand has been disastrous for the fish (it's beginning to disappear from sushi plates world over).

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), meeting in
Marrakech, Morocco, for the past week, brushed aside its own review’s description of its
management of the bluefin fishery as “an international disgrace” to endorse a total allowable catch (TAC) of 22,000 tonnes for next year.

ICCAT’s own scientists had recommended a TAC ranging 8,500 to 15,000 tonnes per year, warning there were real risks of the fishery collapsing otherwise. The scientists also urged a seasonal closure during the fragile spawning months of May and June, while today’s outcome allows industrial fishing in practice up to 20 June.

Click here to listen to the interview with WWF Oceans Program Leader, Gilly Lwellyn.

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