Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Oryx

Oryx is one of three or four large anteloper species of the genus Oryx, typically having long straight almost upright or swept back horns. Two or three of the species are native to Africa, with a fourth native to the Arabian Perninsula . Small populations of several oryx species, such as the "Scimitar Oryx", also exist in Texas and New Mexico, USA as captive populations on wild game ranches.

The Hebrew word re' em may refer to the Arabian Oryx, although this word could also refer to the extinct Aurochs, or some other type of horned mammal. In the King James version of the Bible the word “re’em” is translated as “unicorn", and the legend of the Unicorn may have originated in part from the Arabian Oryx, which when seen in profile frequently appears to have only a single horn.

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