Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's So Bad About GM Foods?

Who benefits from GM Foods? It seems only large, genetic engineering companies. Canadian Farmer Ross Murray grew GM canola for four years. He found that it did not live up to industry promises - it cost more to grow and yielded less than conventional canola. The guaranteed weed control worked in the beginning, but later the GM canola became a weed itself, and managing it increased costs and chemical usage.

NSW and Victoria are now growing GE canola for the second year running, and GE canola may be on supermarket shelves this year in the form of canola oil. The big issue for Greenpeace right now is the labelling of GE foods in Australia, and the contamination of GE crops into non-GE crops during harvest. Current food labelling laws do not require oils, highly processed foods and products derived from livestock fed GE feed to be labelled.

Greenpeace is joined by a growing chorus of opponents to GE foods including consumer, health and environment groups, over 170 leading Australian chefs, nutritionists, experts, and over 22,000 Australians who are asking for the labelling of all food containing GE ingredients, and for the proper safety testing of GE food.

What can you do?

1. Sign the current petition calling for adequate labelling of GE foods:

2. Write to their state and federal health minister requesting the government keep its promises and protect public health and consumer choice by introducing, and strictly enforcing, legislation to ensure that:
GM crops are only approved if they are proven to be safe 'beyond reasonable doubt' using evidence from independent, long-term, published studies - measuring indicators relevant to human health.
All GM foods are clearly labelled, including highly processed products such as oils, starches and sugars from GM crops; and meat, milk, cheese and eggs from animals fed GM feed.

3. Shop with the Greenpeace True Food Guide, a guide to shopping GE-free (get a free copy by phoning Greenpeace on 1800 815 151 or download from Sales of Greenpeace Australia talks about what's wrong with Genetic Modified Food and why we need to push for improved labelling in Australia.

4. Enjoy this video from the Greenpeace International Website:

Click here to listen to the interview with Louise Sales of Greenpeace, Australia.

You can also find further information at the website and Greenpeace's consumer-focused website for the True Food Network:

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