Saturday, July 18, 2009

What you Eat could be Killing Orang utans

Palm Oil is found in many food and beauty products. Unfortunately the majority of Palm Oil comes from Indonesia, making it now the leading supplier for a global market that demands more of the tree's versatile oil for cooking, cosmetics, and biofuel. But palm oil's appeal comes with significant costs. Oil palm plantations often replace tropical forests, killing endangered species, uprooting local communities, and contributing to the release of climate-warming gases. Due mostly to oil palm production, Indonesia emits more greenhouse gases than any country besides China and the United States.

In Borneo and Sumatra as logging and palm oil plantations continue to rapidly destroy the habitat of the Orang Utan. The rate of deforestation and habitat loss is so great that some scientists are predicting that the orangutan will be the first Great Ape to become extinct in modern times.

Click here as Rachel Lawry from Zoos Victoria discusses the effect of Palm Oil plantations on the future of Orang Utans.

The below video gives information about the Global Warming effects of Palm Oil production in Indonesia.

Click here to ensure you are buying products that are free of Palm Oil.

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