Monday, November 22, 2010

Did you save the Tiger?

Arguably one of the world's most beautiful animals is the tiger. Can you recall the last time you saw a tiger, perhaps on television or at your local zoo? Was it the tiger's power, it's grace, it's beauty that won you over? it's no surprise that tigers feature so much in many mythologies. However just as the power of the tiger is honoured, it is also coveted. In some countries in Asia, the tiger, or body parts of the tiger, are still believed to have medicinal parts. The demand for tiger parts leads to a powerful black market to feed this demand.

Please take the time to watch the following video.

Whether you live in Australia, the Americas, Europe or any other part of the world it is easy to sit here in our arm chairs, shake our heads and mutter, "Isn't it shocking. Why don't they do something about it?". However I encourage you to, "Be the change you want to see in the world". - Mahatma Gandhi.

Instead of criticizing individuals and governments in other countries, is it not more empowering for ourselves, and them, to work together and support them in making better decisions for our future, and that of the tiger? We are already responsible for the extinction of tigers on the islands of Bali and Java as well as in the Middle East. If things do not change in 10 years, tigers will be lost from all parts where they once roamed.

Now is your time make a difference. I invite you to take on my 30 minute challenge. In the next 30 minutes complete the following:

  1. Support the WWF and choose to do at least one way to aid the WWF's work in saving the the tiger from the list at

  2. Google at least one person of power and email them, empowering them to work with the policy makers who can protect the tiger.

  3. Post on Facebook or Tweet about the tiger so that others in your communities can also make a difference.

  4. Use your creativity to create one more way to help preserve the tiger. It is from small ideas that great movements come.

This week the Tiger Summit happens in St Petersburg, Russia where vital parts of the tiger's future may be decided ( This is now the time for you to also act so that for thousands of years to come tigers will continue to roam the earth.

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