Friday, September 23, 2011

Americans can buy stamps to save endangered animals

The United States Postage Service has just released a set of postage stamps that will help save tigers, gorillas and other endangered animals. The "Save Vanishing Species" stamps are exactly the same price as stamps you would buy at the post office or order online but part proceeds are donated to wildlife organisations.

The proceeds will help fund the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s Wildlife Without Borders Multinational Species Conservation Funds. These important funds support conservation efforts that help great apes, elephants, rhinos, tigers and marine turtles survive. The money raised will be divided equally among the conservation funds to support a wide range of projects. These include community conservation, anti-poaching, outreach and education programs, among others.

The part of the stamp price that goes to the funds is tax-deductible.

This is a great way to make a difference for animal conservation by simply requesting this stamp for your letters. No extra cost, one request, simple!

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