Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Animal Testing still happens today - but you don't have to support it

Unfortunately animal testing is still happening today. Bodies such as the EPA in the USA and regulatory agencies in the European Union require chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and many other products to be tested for toxicity before they go on sale to ensure no humans are affected. However many companies conduct tests on rabbits, chimpanzees, rats and cats, just to name a few. These animals are forced to eat, inhale, injected, wounded and mutilated and then dissected and killed with no consideration to their wellbeing or suffering.

In many cases there are alternatives that do not require animal testing and can more effective and less expensive. Regardless some companies continue to test animals. PETA is one organisation working towards a world where animal-testing is simply a shameful memory of the past. To read more about there efforts, click here.

You can support PETA when shopping and only purchase cruelty free products. For a database of companies that do and don't test on animals from PETA, click here. Furthermore to make life even easier for you, if you are standing at a store about to bu y a product and want to check if it's cruelty free, just grab your iPhone. Hot Frog has released an app called "Be Nice to Bunnies" that is updated with PETA's database. Click here to download the app.

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