Sunday, October 9, 2011

Toms Shoes - Buy a pair and they donate a pair

Blake Mycoskie noticed something during a trip to Argentina in 2006. Many of the children didnt have shoes to protect their feet. He was inspired to do something to help. However the ideal of creating a charity, that would have to compete against all other causes for donations was the path he chose. Rather he created a shoe business that would donate a pair of shoes for every pair sold. Later that year he returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes

Shoes are important as in poor countries many children can't attend school barefoot because shoes are a required part of their uniform. If they don't have shoes, they don't go to school. If they don't receive an education, they don't have the opportunity to realise their potential.

Now you can help make the word a better place by simply choosing TOMS for your next pair of shoes. Could it be any easier? To find a TOMS retailer, click here or visit to purchase online.

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