Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The End of the World is before 2012?

I recently came across this video that predicted the end of the world, well the end of life as we know it, earlier than the popular view of 2012. The video starts with analysising the Mayan calender and calculates that the Mayan Calender comes to an end on the 28th October, 2011. At this point there is meant to be a major shift in consciousness of all living things on the planet.

This is followed by examining the American Indian Hopi Prophecy of the Red and Blue Star Kachina's. They link this to some comets that seem to be circling around Earth. One in particular named Comet Elenin has aligned with the earth and another heavenly body three times on the dates corredsponding with the major earthquakes in Chile, New Zealand and Japan. The next alignment is due around 17th October, 2011.

The next section starts to prophesize what will happen after these events. This is where it gets a little crazy. It predicts another world war, the collapse of the US Dollar and the Euro, the uniting of all countries under one government, currency and religion and then an alien attack. The video's supporting website supplies supporting signs on the following page:

The end result is believed to be humanity as a whole will shift from a material focus to a more spiritual and humanitarian way of life. This happens by an increased number of natural disatsters and tragedies which force people to realise what their Higher Self truly values. The merit in this can be seen from people's changes in view following past disasters ie. family, community, etc. There also does seem to be an increase in the frequency of floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. which supports the arguement.

Is the end of the world (as we know it) only a few weeks away? You be the judge by watching the video and visiting their website

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Strez said...

You know what I have no idea what to say or what to make of that........umm, well sumthin was meant to happen on or around the 26th of september and I dont remember anythin happenin that was too significant. The film confused me so much in the end that it didnt really let me understand what the right thing to do would be (and yes i know we could go on and on about there being no such thing as right and wrong). So i guess we just go with the flow and accept everything that happens...right??