Wednesday, October 5, 2011

US Residential Heating Oil - it's future and involvement with the environment

This will be my first winter in The U.S.A. and there is talk about turning the thermostat on. There is also talk about the price of heating oil. For an Australian this is unfamiliar. In winter we rely on heaters and reverse cycle air conditioning for winter warmth, all powered via electricity. Recently Heating Oil Shopper, a Web publishing company that specializes in information about oil production and consumption, particularly as it relates to the business and environmental impacts of oil sent me an article.

The article discusses where the Heating Oil is sourced from, future sources and possible environmental impacts. All information sources are clearly referenced and the argument is fair and even-sided.

Click here to read the article.

Some interesting points to note are:
- Canada is the top source of U.S. crude oil imports as of June 2011, with Saudi Arabia being  the second highest supplier.
- President Barack Obama has increased domestic crude oil production by 60% since last year
- Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann is proposing increased drilling in the Everglades ( a rich subtropical wetlands in southern Florida with a rich and vibrant ecosystem)
- Only 12% of oil found in the ocean is from oil spills, the rest is from natural seepage, often not due to any human action
- Drilling for oil isn't the only part of the process that can have an environmental impact. The search for oil can have devastating effects on marine life such as whales.

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