Monday, October 10, 2011

Help WWF get thier ad on the air

In an earlier blog I discussed the upcoming Clean Energy Future Bills (click here to view this blog entry). In the next two months politicians will be asked to vote on one of the most important environmental laws in Australia's history regarding the carbon price and complementary measures.

In the lead up to the vote there has been $10 million spent on an advertising blitz against the changes, much of it funded by Australia's biggest polluters who will be forced to pay this tax. Unfortunately WWF doesn't have the money of the big polluters, and we don't have the media coverage of the shock jocks, but we do have passionate and dedicated people like you, who can help make a difference by donating even as little as $10.

Below is the commercial they are currently running in cinemas but they are working to put the advert on television to battle to current advertisements being aired. This advert explains some of the facts about the new legislation while dispelling some of the myths.

How can you help? Firstly watch the commercial for yourself below if you are yet to see it, then share it via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can also find out more about WWF's campaign to get this commercial on television by clicking here. Donating will also aid get the message out. As little as $10 can help.

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