Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Canadians invited to be part of the Living Planet Community

"Every great journey begins with a single step."

A campaign by WWF Canada is encouraging individuals and households to each start taking a great journey in contributing to a better planet by taking small steps in changing their lifestyle. This is a great campaign that compiles all the small adjustments you can make to your life in the areas of household, cars/transportation, food/shopping, recreation & culture, workplace as well as extra areas of our lives. It's not revolutionary for an organisation to give you suggestions on what you can do to improve the well-being of the planet but what is refreshing is so many aspects are covered in one spot. This saves you having to research household savings in one place, water consumption elsewhere, etc. The WWF website lists clearly and simply 61 different steps you can take.

Renters may feel that they are unable to make as much of an impact since they can not going and start insulating their place. However there exists their greater challenge. Try negotiating with your landlord. Ask them to make the changes or offer to make the changes yourself, maybe for a reduced rental payment.

To participate you simply go to http://community.wwf.ca/index.cfm and open an account. You can even use your Facebook account to speed up the process more. Once signed up, you can browse the actions you can take, make pledges on the ones you are committed to do and you get a quantitative measure of how many kilograms of Green House gases you save. Furthermore you can create a group to work together, send people invites and set challenges. You don't even have to live in Canada! If you'd like to join my group, search for "Adam Barralet's Bloody Good Things To Do". I challenge you to save more than me ;)

On top of all the features the factor that impresses me most is how simple the whole process is. I was able to open an account, make 12 pledges, create a group and read some of the information provided all in about 20 minutes. Easy!

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mdshell said...

By making small changes in our life style we can make big difference.

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